Visual Thread Inspection

State Energy Inspection Services provides premium Visual Thread Inspection (VTI) for round and buttress threaded connections, such as:

  • Internal coupling threads
  • External field end threads

Operator Qualifications

The operators who inspect require a minimum Level I inspector qualification while under direct supervision of an on-site Level II or Level III Supervisor. Operators performing VTI must be able to distinguish J1 letters at 12 inches on a Jaeger eye chart and have no color vision impairment.

Reference Documents

  • API Spec 5CT
  • API Spec 5B
  • API RP 5A5
  • API RP 5B1
  • Customer specification, as applicable

Inspection Equipment

  • Steel ruler with graduation of 1/32″
  • Thread profile gage
  • Thread dressing tools, if required

Download State Energy Inspection Services Visual Thread Inspection Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Document.