Special End Area

State Energy Inspection Services provides premium Special End Area (SEA) examination, which provides the inspection and testing coverage necessary on the end portions of tubulars not covered during Electromagnetic or Ultrasonic testing. The coverage for this examination is 18 inches from each end including pin and coupling threads. Special End Area examination consists of the following inspection and testing methods:

  • Visual thread inspection
  • White light inspection
  • Magnetic particle testing of the external and internal surfaces utilizing either wet fluorescent particle or the dry method

Operator Qualifications

The operators who inspect require a minimum Level I inspector qualification while under direct supervision of an on-site Level II or Level III Supervisor. Operators performing SEA inspections must be able to distinguish J1 letters at 12 inches on a Jaeger eye chart and have no color vision impairment.

Reference Documents

  • API RP5A5
  • API 5CT
  • API 5L
  • API 5D
  • Customer specification, as applicable

Inspection Equipment

  • Magnetizing equipment for circular magnetization
  • Magnetization equipment for longitudinal magnetization
  • Magnaflux 14a magnetic particles or equivalent
  • Magnaflux WA-20b water conditioner or equivalent
  • Magnetometer, hand held
  • Magnetic field penetrameter or Burmah Castorl Strip
  • Black light inspection lamps
  • AWS 86 magnetic particles or equivalent. Particles shall be of a color that will provide a high contrast between the particles and the surface being inspected.
  • Tools for imperfection evaluation of the threads and tube body
  • White light
  • Light meter

Download State Energy Inspection Services Special End Area Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Document.