Full Length Magnetic Particle Inspection

State Energy Inspection Services provides premium tubular Full Length Magnetic Particle (FLMP) inspection for the detection of longitudinally oriented imperfections.

Procedure Requirements

  • Area of inspection coverage is 360 degrees of the external surface of the coupling and pipe body.
  • Areas not covered in this procedure include the internal surface of the pipe, coupling and pin threads.

Operator Qualifications

The operators who inspect require a minimum Level I inspector qualification while under direct supervision of an on-site Level II or Level III Supervisor. Operators performing FLMP inspections must be able to distinguish J1 letters at 12 inches on a Jaeger eye chart and have no color vision impairment.

Reference Documents

  • API Spec 5CT
  • API RP 5A5
  • Customer specification, as applicable
  • State Energy Inspection Services’ SOP 5.0 (SEA)

Inspection Equipment

  • Magnetizing equipment for circular magnetization
  • Aws 86 magnetic particles or equivalent. Particles shall be of a color that will provide a high contrast between the particles and the surface being inspected.
  • Magnetic field penetrameter or Burmah Castorl Strip
  • Tools for imperfection evaluation of the threads and tube body

Download State Energy Inspection Services Full Length Magnetic Particle Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Document.